Bangladesh High Commission observed International Migrants Day-2014

Bangladesh High Commission in Colombo observed the International Migrants` Day-2014 on the theme “Safety in Migration” on 18 December 2014 through a discussion meeting at the Chancery. Country Representative of IOM in Sri Lanka, Expatriate Bangladeshis, Mission officials and staff attended the programme. At the outset, the background and importance of the International Migrants` Day-2014 was presented before the audience and brochures on migration were circulated among the participants. The Representative of IOM in his keynote speech focused on addressing the global humanitarian challenges posed by the plight of thousand of migrants who died while trying to reach safety. This followed an open discussion session on the significance of the day, where a member of expatriate Bangladesh community took part.

The High Commissioner listed the measures being taken by the government of Bangladesh for the welfare and protection of the rights of migrants. He also highlighted pro-active role of Bangladesh on the issue of migration in various international fora. While referring to the safety on migration as a crucial issue that the world is now experiencing, the High Commissioner felt the urgency of strong partnerships between international organizations, states and a variety of non-state actors, including NGOs, the media, the private sector, religious groups and diaspora communities. The program was rounded off with screening of a documentary on “General Trend on Migration” and refreshment.